Needle Singer 29-4 Leather Point 29x4 140/22 DIA Qty 10

Needle Singer 29-4 Leather Point 29x4 140/22 DIA Qty 10. These needles are used in Singer model 29-4 and 29K series machines.

These needles also cross to these different needle systems: 3741-82-140/22 DIA, 332.

Please Note:

Finding the correct needle, with leather point, can only be done by experimenting. You must consider both the Function of the Stitch and the Appearance of the Stitch. With some leather point needles, the stitch may become buried in the material. While, other leather point needles will keep the stitch on the surface of the leather! Today, when sewing soft leather products, the Round Point needle is becoming very popular, even though it was designed for cloth materials!

The DIA is a Diamond point needle.!

Please note that these Needles, are packaged 10 to a pack. Each needle is protected in its own separate compartment until it ready to be used!

These needles are Genuine Singer Brand, Made in Germany!

Singer Delta U Style Needles:

The Delta-U Blade is manufactured in accordance to the Flow Press technique patented by Singer.

The Delta-U needle guarantees an increased bending Stiffness that reduces needle deflection, which helps avoid needle breakage and skipped stitches.

The Delta-U needle has perfectly rounded groove edges which help protected the thread and fabric from fraying and breaking.

Needle Singer 29-4 Leather Point 29x4 140/22 DIA Qty 10
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  • Item #: Srg 29x4 140/22 DIA Qty 10
  • Manufacturer: Singer
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 29x4 140/22 DIA
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